Thursday, 28 August 2008


HEYA GIRLS , Sue Denim (from robot in disguise ) 2603732191_21f8dfe678.jpg.came to my flat and asked me if i could totaylle change her hair . I think it was the good time for a change everyone was bored of that massive fringe.. so i decide to shave her side and make her gold ginger ( no red in your ginger)

Monday, 25 August 2008

Have Golden Hair to look like Marilyn Monroe

Hey Girls . if you want to look like a beauty whos just come out off a movie
it s easy there is this new color wich i wont said the brend but it s making your hair like a pure golden blonde.
Do you want to look like a star make it Big and Gold. Then just come a my Saloon and have this really special new amazingly good and sexy technique off color.

Friday, 22 August 2008

JUST BLONDES (cassette playa)

ooo it s look like i just have blondes in my clientes ?
 Carrie came for her heavy metal blond and cut..
we laugh so much and went to have a little drink outside. But someone steal her glasses!!!!!

So helppppp Carri Mundanne if you find her glasse may be she ll give you a Cassette Playa tee shirt?.. here are some photo or her Gold blond and Heavy cut.

CMundane_20may08_rex_b.jpgxxx CHARLIE 

Thursday, 21 August 2008

IT S NEVER FINISH with a fan of John Waters

ARGHHHHHHHHGHGGH 9 PM yesterday after posting the last blod 
Sonya ( one of my favourite client ) fan of John Waters. call me and ask
"pleaseeeeeeeee i need so more volume""

aaaaaaah i can sleep now finally


YESTERDAY I ve done so much bleach that i couldn t feel my hand at the end..
Morning Liz 
Hey charlie can you bleach my hair> 
so Liz ariive and i decided to bleach her hair and put her hair up.
I decided that from now all my cliente i ve done i ll take photo dirrectly after and put them on my blog.
Then Kym arrive to my place to get his haircut with his friend alexis..
i m really sorry for the quality of the photo but here you go
FINISHED work at 8 pm my hand are dead but all my client looks sexy

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Hey London fashion week 2009 will be on from the 14th till the 19th of september
so if you don t want to try to get in without tickets just write to Mandi Lennard the best PR right now might send you places if you was nice this year.
the schedule of the london fashion week coming is really good also it terms of men show.


After years and years where Gareth Pugh was the hottest designer in london he is
finally moving to Paris . old Gary Pug went and won the ANDAM prize, so hes off to Paris to show his wares... Ponystep is going to have a little 'Bon Voyage' shindig this Sunday down at the Hoxton Bar!


Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino.
Matthew Stone.
Hanna Hanra.

Special Guest: Gareth Pugh.

Monday, 18 August 2008


Hey girls, I m doing the hair and color off the editor from the website Vogue russia and she told me that there relaunching the website. Them new look will be in 2 weks so dont forgot
to check it again ... Even if you don t know how to read russian there is a translation on the page.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Yesterday 2PM took the train from london bridge to brighton. An hour after i arrive there and feel like an Alien (photo). What is wrong with people in this city? I got abuse in the street like never happen before ( article imbread in brighton) . Well if i came there is because all my friend told me that brighton was a nice city to go to relax ; well if ant of your friend said that don't believe it. And the second reason i went there is because my friends Janine Roston (PLANNINTOROCK) asked me to do her hair for her show at the loop festival. 9pm on stage and she done the good surprise to play 3 new trackit was amazing. If you never hear about her before
go to see her really strange show . She is wearing
weird elmet and on a rythm of hip-hop and opera
moving her hair like is she was at the Slayer s concert. listen her music on her myspace page. and run for the next gig.

Friday, 15 August 2008


DO you recognise her cute face?
She is only 17 and
the most black model wanted
right now from every high fashion magazine

since 3 month Jourdan Dunn have done
the cover of :
ID Magazine

what is going to be next?
i m sure lots of surprise like that
and I think N.Campbell is going to
be well pissed off. She already walk
for best designer as MC QUEEN
or HERMES . Remenber YSL face was
Naomi . So for who Jourdann is going
to be the face for?

Thursday, 14 August 2008


SAINT ROXANNE is a perfommer artist wich is apprently born in 2007 ,MySpace Editor
Baptized and coming from roumania , that transexual gypsie is quite scary as she doesritual to marry Satan or sacrifice after the example of the Beast.
Well i just wanted to introduce you to herm new video called "the most favourable death"
Apenrently ROXANNE is currently in Bangkok, Thailand undergoing further medical procedures. (no laugh)


I just discovered Viktor & Rolf website if you haven t seen it you have to look at it . It s looks amazing!
Victor and Rolf
and one i really like also is the one of the sketch restaurant .
On this pictures you can see the toilettes of the restaurant with 2 poodle having a laugh .
Must be fun to go together.94929_3fa7b759.640.jpg

WHAT S THE NEXT HAIRSTYLE? "the secret girls"

Hi Girls!!!
What is the next hairstyle ? short ; long ; shave ; blond ;red ; black or brown?
It s going to be long and boring but perfect color no highlights! And in a perfect condition. "the best will be the condition of your hair the more they ll be shiny"
but fringe or not? Basicly there is no rule anymore in terms of hair everything is going on at the same time but what people never did for now is making there hair in weird shape .
and for that just wear a wig. Done in 5 minute it s the best. 
Just wear it as a chapeau and dont touch your hair so they stay in a perfect condition.
But also boy are wearing it instead of a cap.


Have you seen in the last months how model steal hairstyle from the queers ?
Well when i was walking in the street 5 or 6 years ago with my boutch friend wich had a shaved side or short hair , do you remenber what was saying people? It wasn t so nice to hear , even if we re happy to look like freaks ..
But nowadays all model have proper lesb hairstyle and people says now :
"ooooooooo that s look amazing"
It s true its look really good when you have the perfect body like Alice Dellal or Agyness . I think we had to said thank to put all those old lesb hair in the commercial business of fashion.. Because now there is a big Change with people wich is good (even if there still mean)agyness_deyn_style.jpg You re not hearing anymore :
"heya lesbish" but people became bit more clever saying
"oo its alice" so if you re scare to shave your side no worries people are not gonna said you look like a lesbish but
"She is a Model"
then dont laugh just said thanks .

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Since the beginning of the year, I have noticed lots of people colouring their hair ginger, like red-headed veteran Dame Vivienne Westwood, models Doutzen Kroes and Karen Elson. But what is the secret of having such a sexy and vibrant tone of ginger? Well, the secret is not to have any red pigment in the hair colour. So if you decided to have a haute couture ginger, just opt for a yellow and light orange combination, this will make the difference.

But if your tired of your ginger locks, you can easily change them from chic to the trashy, by colouring your roots with a dark brown.


Kap Bambino is an unclassified electronic musical duo from (ANOTHER PLANET) Bordeaux, France.
The group is known for Caroline Martial's wild vocals and Orion Bouvier' electronic metal mixes. The group is also known for their excited live performances,  playing shows with Felix Kubin, These New Puritans, Late of the Pier and Patric Catani. 
In 2001, Martial and Bouvier formed the group's own independent label, "WWILKO". They have been featured in NME, Another Magazine, Dummy Mag and Dazed and Confused, The Pixs.
 Additionally, the group was featured in Matt Irwin's 2007 film for Armani Exchange. Caroline is listed among the "hottest young models .. in London and New York." The group has independently toured all over Europe, Japan and Mexico.
The two have separate side projects outside of Kap Bambino, Bouvier is "Groupgris", and Martial is "Khima France".
finishing the AMERICANO tour right now they ll be back soon in EU to perform there new album ..                                                    

HI GIRLS here is my new blog. 
Each day i ll be updating my blog.. In it will be all the photos of my clientes and of my haircut or shoots i m doing. if you want to see your face on this blogs just come to get your hair done .
all video and and band i like..