Thursday, 14 August 2008


Have you seen in the last months how model steal hairstyle from the queers ?
Well when i was walking in the street 5 or 6 years ago with my boutch friend wich had a shaved side or short hair , do you remenber what was saying people? It wasn t so nice to hear , even if we re happy to look like freaks ..
But nowadays all model have proper lesb hairstyle and people says now :
"ooooooooo that s look amazing"
It s true its look really good when you have the perfect body like Alice Dellal or Agyness . I think we had to said thank to put all those old lesb hair in the commercial business of fashion.. Because now there is a big Change with people wich is good (even if there still mean)agyness_deyn_style.jpg You re not hearing anymore :
"heya lesbish" but people became bit more clever saying
"oo its alice" so if you re scare to shave your side no worries people are not gonna said you look like a lesbish but
"She is a Model"
then dont laugh just said thanks .

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