Sunday, 17 August 2008


Yesterday 2PM took the train from london bridge to brighton. An hour after i arrive there and feel like an Alien (photo). What is wrong with people in this city? I got abuse in the street like never happen before ( article imbread in brighton) . Well if i came there is because all my friend told me that brighton was a nice city to go to relax ; well if ant of your friend said that don't believe it. And the second reason i went there is because my friends Janine Roston (PLANNINTOROCK) asked me to do her hair for her show at the loop festival. 9pm on stage and she done the good surprise to play 3 new trackit was amazing. If you never hear about her before
go to see her really strange show . She is wearing
weird elmet and on a rythm of hip-hop and opera
moving her hair like is she was at the Slayer s concert. listen her music on her myspace page. and run for the next gig.

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